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Forklift moving boxes inside a warehouse

Boosting Efficiency of Your Warehouse Packaging Processes

Forklift moving boxes inside a warehouseIn the warehouse industry, shipping and handling mishaps are both expensive and dangerous. Unfortunately, these unwanted incidents remain frequently occurring, primarily due to errors in packaging.

Seeing as packaging protects your products during transport and transit, it’s necessary you use only quality wrapping materials to prevent too much mobility and shifting. With a precision-engineered automatic pallet wrapping machine, you can ensure proper packaging and improve the automation of the process that would improve warehouse efficiency and productivity.

What pallet wrapping machines do

Also known as stretch wrap machines, pallet wrapping machines are a must-have warehouse equipment for many operators today. Available in both manual and electrical versions, these machines apply a stretch film on a wide array of goods and products. This keeps them safely installed in the pallets (or other types of load containers).

Manual vs. automatic

Manual pallet wrapping devices are still common in many warehouses in Australia, as they have a price tag lower than that of their automated counterparts. However, they’re ideal for smaller organisations, which have fewer loads to package and ship.

Regardless of the size of your warehouse, you shouldn’t disregard the benefits of electrically-powered machines — even if they cost more. The advantages they have to offer — from improved wrapping procedures to quicker completion to increased packaging quantity — outweigh the upfront cost of buying an automated machine.

Numerous options to choose from

Automated stretch wrappers come in many different forms, which means that you’ll find one that best suits your warehouse’s packaging requirements. Among these available types, though, the most commonly used are the turntable stretch wrappers. There are also the robot stretch and the orbital stretch wrappers.

All in all, one of the best ways to improve warehouse efficiency and productivity is with the help of innovative technology. Don’t be afraid of change, as these could help boost your productivity more than you think.