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Education: A Singaporean’s Biggest Asset

Singaporean graduatesEducation is an integral part of one’s life. You spend years in different levels of education, and you get a degree by the end of your university days. What comes next is up to you. In Singapore, many are choosing to continue into postgraduate studies. Here, you get to explore a deeper level of education while you build your career.

A Focus on Languages

Many are encouraged to get a master degree in Singapore because it opens doors for international opportunities. Even the Minister of Education himself, Ong Ye Kung, says you ‘can’t go wrong’ if you focus on language.

He urges everyone to take advantage of the $500 training credits available to Singaporeans 25 years and older to pay for their education. This is under Singapore’s SkillsFuture program, which aims to assist citizens in building their future.

Social Interaction Is Important

Postgraduate classes generally have a more diverse classroom, with students ranging from educators to other members of the workforce. The interesting combination of individuals contributes to each lesson, as you get views and opinions from different walks of life. This is especially important in Singapore, which tops ranks for its education, but is lacking in the number of innovators it produces. According to critics, it is the same competitive nature in Singapore’s undergraduate classrooms that limit students once they are already in the workforce. They may find it hard to face risks because of the great fear of failure.

What Academics Cannot Teach

There can only be so much an instructor can do in teaching a lesson, but so many other things contribute to one’s education. For instance, at the preschool level, children can be taught responsibility by caring for a pet. In university, they learn to be resourceful. In a postgraduate class, they learn to be open-minded.

Education is an important asset for Singaporeans. Focus on the most important aspects of it.