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Should I Sign the Proof of Loss if I Disagree With the Adjuster?

a man showing a document with the label insuranceAfter suffering an insured loss, it is likely that you and your insurer’s adjuster will disagree on several things. Despite any disagreement, the insurance company expects you to submit your sworn proof of loss within your policy’s deadline. However, should you sign the proof of loss if you differ with the adjuster?

You have an obligation

Insurance policies come with post-loss obligations. Typically, property policies have strict time limits within which the insured must submit a signed proof of loss. Your policy may give you a time limit of 30 or 60 days.

Signing the proof of loss is a legal requirement

You have no right to get payment or sue the insurance company until you comply with the terms of your policy. Any experienced public adjuster or attorney may then advise you to sign the document even though you disagree with the recommended amount.

Sign to receive payment on what the insurance company adjuster has agreed. You can then reopen you claim to request additional compensation.

Resolving the disagreement

Your documentation of the loss can help settle the dispute. Provide the pictures you took, your receipts, and other documentary evidence to assist in clarifying issues. Also, it is helpful to retain someone who can re-review all aspects of the claim.

Consider hiring experienced Florida public adjusters to manage the new process.

Other ways to resolve the dispute

If you still cannot agree with the insurer, you may wish to try mediation or arbitration. If alternative dispute resolution does not yield the findings you want, you may then decide to file a lawsuit. Before you sue the insurance company, make sure you have duly complied with the policy terms.

After a disaster, an adjuster will inspect your loss and make recommendations to the insurer. Most likely, you and the adjuster will disagree on several things. Despite the disagreement, sign and submit a proof of loss as required. You can still seek additional compensation after completing the vital document.