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Ways to Make Your Brochures Stand Out

Bundled brochuresEven with the Internet and social media, in particular, changing the landscape of advertising and marketing, print media still has its special place. Printed brochures, for instance, remain to be a perfect way for businesses to get the attention of both existing and potential clients. They also allow businesses to inform their customers of great deals and upcoming events.

It pays to ensure that your print brochures would have maximum impact. They should not be just simple pieces of paper relaying information about your company. Below are some tips to help you ensure that your brochure design stands out:

Use creative cuts.

For you to get your audience’s attention, you need to think of innovative ways to raise their curiosity. Unusual cuts such as die cuts could be all you need. With this, you can experiment with imageries, shapes and other eye-capturing components that can entice your clients. A brochure that only relays bits of information through the cuts will keep people flipping the paper to keep reading what is inside.

Try out textures.

There are two kinds of textures: those that are visual and those that are physical. Both types of textures could work in the place of using solid colours. You can use patterns to create texture, depth and variety. You could also make use of embossed paper to give your brochures a sophisticated and rustic feel.

Use graphics.

The current advertising trends dictate that less is more. Instead of writing pages and pages of what your business can offer, you could choose to use graphics. Pictures can relay tons of information, and with today’s custom printing technology, the outcome of your prints will be glorious.

With a bit of creativity, your brochures will bring home the intended outcome. They will not end up ignored or somewhere in a pile of unread mail. Dependable printing companies understand tested trends and could help you choose a design that can boost the performance of your marketing campaigns.