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Three Ways a Recruitment Agency Benefits a London Company

a human resource expert interviewing an applicantFinding qualified employees in London can either be a gruelling task or an easy feat. That depends on how much time you have, how many people you are looking for and whether you employ the help of a recruitment agency. Think you can handle recruitment yourself? Think again.

Time Well Spent

For a small company, it may not seem advantageous to hire finance recruitment agencies at first, but think about the time that each member of the team will take away from their usual tasks to accommodate interviews. For a big company, meanwhile, you’d want to delegate the task to someone who is qualified enough to look for employees to handle finance instead of setting up an internal team yourself. Recruitment agencies are more particular with the qualities they look for in an applicant, which is good for positions that require technical skills.

Skills Checked Thoroughly

Facebook has a new London office, which is reported to add 800 jobs to the capital. Engineers and developers will mostly fill These jobs. The company has a track record of wanting to hire only the best, so it would be quite the competition. Facebook executives would not have enough hours in a day to meet every hopeful who wants to join the Facebook team. With a recruitment agency’s help, only those who have been shortlisted will be interviewed by the heads of the office. It streamlines the interview process and saves time for everyone.

Funds Well Spent

This may not seem like an advantage, considering you are hiring an agency to help with the recruitment, but bear in mind that you will not need to recruit employees continually. There will be months when you are at full capacity and will not need to take on more members, while on other months you need the extra help. If you have an in-house recruiter, you are paying a full-time salary.

When you are running a company, you need to know whether one option is better than another. Think wisely before you ignore the help of a recruitment agency.

Old woman sitting

Make Your Home Safe for Older Adults

Old woman sittingIf your elderly relative is accident-prone and you’re worried about their health and safety, a home safety assessment can identify the danger areas in your home and will identify the placement of some simple adaptions to prevent accidents.

Falls are the biggest reason for hospital admissions and premature deaths in the elderly.  Their deteriorating eyesight, weaker immune function and greater susceptibility to disease are some of the reasons for this vulnerability. Increasing use of medication can also have side-effects like dizziness and confusion. Coupled with less exercise, this can cause older adults to become more accident-prone.

Here are some ways to lessen the risk of accidents in your home.

Home Safety Assessments

Professional rehabilitation experts like MEASURAbilities, LLC suggest that an elderly home safety assessment is essential for any homeowner. This is a functional capacity evaluation to see how physically fit they are and how well they can manage their way around the house.

Based on the results of those tests, they will make suggestions on how to maintain independence and prevent accidents. Modifications to your home will be tailored to the person’s needs. These modifications could include grab bars, hand grips for the bathroom, and anti-slip coatings for surfaces to keep them on their feet.

Encourage Exercise

Exercise triggers the body into producing its natural glucosamine – a substance that cushions the joints. This will increase flexibility and mobility, so work with your older relatives and encourage them to be more active.
Encourage them to See their Family DoctorPolypharmacy – taking multiple prescriptions at once – is common in the elderly. Some drugs have different reactions. Review them with a doctor so they could eliminate unnecessary drugs.

Get Mobility Aids

Installation of a stair lift, walk-in tub, bath lift or flat access shower and use of walking aids can protect older family members in their home.

For many families living with older adults, any equipment that can reduce the risk of accidents at home can help loved ones live a more comfortable home life.

How Can You Tell If Your Furnace Needs Immediate Repairs?

HVAC UnitsYour home's heating system is a vital part of your house. But because they are hidden from plain view, they are often neglected, which often leads to its premature failure. A home furnace has a lifespan of 15 to 20 years, but it could fail sooner if not properly maintained.

Furnaces are not cheap so you want to be able to run it to its maximum lifespan. There will be telltale signs your furnace needs immediate attention and a heater repair expert in Salt Lake City will be able to help you save it before it completely fails. Action Plumbing cites some of these signs.

Not Producing Enough Heat

The main purpose of a furnace is to keep your home warm and cozy during the winter season. A sure sign that there is something wrong is when it stops producing enough heat. There could be a number of reasons, such as a malfunctioning thermostat or blower fan. When something is wrong with these components, you will have uneven temperature throughout your home.

It could also indicate that there is a problem with the pilot light or heat exchanger. A qualified technician can spot and fix the problem right away.

Unreasonably High Energy Bill

Another red flag you should watch out for is your electricity bill shooting up. An inefficient furnace will run longer in order to keep your home warm, so it will use more energy.

Strange and Weird Noises

HVAC systems all produce some sort of noise, but pops, squeaks, or grating noises are not normal. When your HVAC system starts producing such sounds, it's time to call the experts, as this could mean that something may have come loose inside the unit. 

Unusual Dust Buildup

Dust will accumulate inside your home no matter how much you clean it. But when you notice that there is too much dust buildup, especially coming from the heat registers, it could mean that it's time to change your filters. But, it's not always just the filters. The ductwork or blower fan may also be at fault here or your furnace is just simply too old.

The best way to know is to call a certified technician for a thorough assessment of the situation. This way, you will know if your HVAC system only needs repairs or if it's time for a replacement.

Statisticians Debate over Qualifications of MVP in Baseball

Batter hitting the ballBaseball statisticians have argued whether Houston Astros’ Jose Altuve deserved the Most Valuable Player award more than New York Yankees’ Aaron Judge.

The Houston Astros have won the 2017 World Series. Bill James, a veteran statistician, said that many baseball writers and analysts question the award given to Altuve based on the “wins above replacement.” James even went as far to describe it as “bad statistical analysis.”

WAR analysis

Members of the Baseball Writers’ Association of America chose Altuve after deciding on a vote. The decision raised some eyebrows among younger statisticians, who support Judge based on the WAR analysis.

James said that this statistical method involves taking all of a player’s contributions and consider the sum as the overall value of that person to a team. Some sports websites slightly based their scoring on both players on the WAR analysis. FanGraphs gave a score of 8.2 and 7.5 for Judge and Altuve, respectively, while Baseball-Reference gave a score of 8.3 to the latter and 8.1 for the former.

Wrong method

The WAR system represents a “dead wrong” approach because users ignore the connection between the number of wins and performance statistics, according to James. Altuve won the award due in part to this better performance than Judge during critical situations, which is something that WAR does not take into account.

While statisticians may argue over gauging Altuve’s qualifications as MVP, some tools such as radar gun for baseball, which can be purchased from stores like Radar Sports, LLC, allow a more accurate measurement of other records, including the fastest pitch in a game. New York Yankees’ Aroldis Chapman, for instance, has been responsible for all of 18 pitches so far in the 2017 season of Major League Baseball.

The method of evaluating the performance of each player has evolved in recent years. Do you think Altuve deserves the MVP award more than Judge?

Follow These Rules to Raise Healthy and Happy Kids

Portrait of three little children with balls looking at camera and smilingTo grow up as mature and well-rounded adults, you have to raise children in a loving and nurturing environment. Teaching your children and spending time with them, however, does not end when they finally learn how to walk and eat by themselves.

Guidance, education and motivation should continue until they are finally ready to get out in the world on their own. There are plenty of rules as to how you must raise your child, but here are three of the most important yet sometimes overlooked points that you must remember:

Pay the doctor a visit

Routine checkups with pediatric doctors in Lehi such as those from Revere Health are highly recommended for children ages 2-5. However, monitoring your child’s health should not stop at a particular age; checkups are still important to track bowel habits, activity patterns and even mental health.

You must have vaccinations administered promptly. So do not get stuck in the habit of just seeing a doctor when your child is sick; make it a regular part of his or her growing years.

Practice what you preach

Understand that you play a big role in your child’s life so remember to set an example. If you do a lot of yelling at home, for instance, despite telling your child how inappropriate the behavior is, expect him or her to mimic your action.

Remember to stay on the positive always. Emphasize the values of kindness and respect not only through words but also through actions.

Let them play

Nothing is wrong with setting house rules or valuing education. However, do not forget that your child needs to play too because it allows him or her to be creative and interact with other children. Depriving your child of toys or even candy takes away the fun in childhood.

Allow time for enjoyment. After all, fun takes away the stress and anxiety that should not even part of your child’s early life.

Keep Your Car Manageable on the Road

Close up shot of front part of a carSo you might have been worrying whether or not your car is still roadworthy after a few bumps here and there. You wouldn’t appreciate another episode of getting stuck on the road for a couple of minutes, so here are some handy tips from Pinecrest Shell to prevent this from happening.

Get your car a regular checkup

While paying for your car’s regular trip to the mechanic might cost you, you should see it as an investment. Remember that your trip to the auto care state inspection in Alexandria, Virginia can spare you from a lot of road hassles. All it takes is a reputable mechanic to keep your car running.

Change oil from time to time

Dirty oil can hold your engine hostage so you should change it from time to time. You should check your car’s mileage, so when your car reaches 5,000 to 7,000 miles, it’s necessary to change your car engine oil.

Check the brakes

Check the brakes to make sure your ride is under control. A grinding noise would be a red flag to get a mechanic to check your brakes. It would be useful to change your brake pads as soon as you reach 25,000 miles. Doing so prevents failed brake rotors.

Rotate your tires once in a while

If you don’t want to get a flat tire, you should check the pressure as often as possible. You could also rotate your tires every 7,500 miles to make sure they wear out evenly. Keep your wheels in great condition, and you’ll maximize their use.

How are your supposed to care for your car? Pamper your vehicle with a regular checkup, change oil, brake pad replacement and tire rotation, and you won’t go wrong.

Ways to Increase Employee Productivity at Work

People workingAt some point, you may notice that your employees become laidback at the workplace and the energy they used to show after getting hired starts to wear off. While it is a bad idea to reprimand them from slacking at the office, there are some helpful ways to subtly encourage them to value their time during their shift.

Krema cites some of them.

Keep your employees happy in the workplace

Workplace burnout and demotivation are inevitable for employees who do not have a proper work-life balance. Employees’ productivity decreases when they become unhappy at the office. It is important that you acknowledge your employees’ value and promote friendship with their colleagues. Previous reports showed that performance and well-being improve when employees are recognised and are happy.

Rewarding your employees’ efforts is one way of acknowledging them. You may want to invest in an office coffee machine for hire to keep your workers awake, motivated and energetic at work. Coffee not only keeps employees alert; it has been proven to have many health benefits, including reduced risks of different illnesses.

Always inspire your employees

As the company owner or their superior, you need to walk the talk and always be a role model to your employees. Strengthen your relationship with them by abiding by the instructions and rules you set. Leading by example is a sure way of building trust among your team members. Help your employees deal with a difficult situation or suggest other ways on how to complete a task. Helping them innovate will boost their productivity and help them fight stress at work.

Keeping these things in mind not only increases your employees’ productivity; it could also help reduce the risks of physical and mental health problems. Do your workers a favour and they will give you their trust and loyalty.

An Agent from an Online Review

Woman by her computer focused and blurry other women in the backgroundWhen looking for a real estate agent, it can be challenging to find the right person. Most people are tempted to pick the one person recommended by families and friends. However, real estate review websites like allow you to look for an agent who will suit your needs.

Honest Reviews

An online review is most likely from a person who has dealt personally with the real estate agent. You can also use the reviews to compare different agents you’ve gathered through referrals or online reviews.


The many reviews will provide you with a special insight into how a certain agent will deal with your case. They will also give you a chance to compare costs, experience, and the services offered. The sites also provide other details you might need to ensure that you will have a good understanding of what the agent can do for you.

Real-time Response

The agents on online review sites have a chance to clarify and respond to reviews from users. This response is immediate and in case you have a query you get a quick response once you post it on the site. Additionally, it gives you the chance to see how well the agent engages with their clients. Agents who are willing to be reviewed are also accountable for their services.

Relationship Building

Using a website that reviews real estate agents allows you to find someone you are sure you can build a relationship. Such agents are keen on making sure they give you the best as they are aware you might post a review after a job done. This is key to a positive experience and long-term relationship building.

Online real estate review sites are the perfect way to find the right agent. Just like shopping for any other online product the reviews provided on the site give real-time responses and are ideal for relationship building.

Strategies You May Employ to Get a Perfect Vehicle Wrap

Woman doing the vehicle wrapVehicle wraps are a significant form of business advertising in that they increase brand visibility. They are however not just for the corporate sector. You can use wraps on your vehicle to protect your original paint job from wear and tear.

Getting perfect vehicle wraps for whichever reason requires meticulous planning and execution. Visibility Signs & Graphics will tell you this is the secret to a well-done and durable wrap. Here are some tips to ensure you get the perfect wrap.

Choose your design carefully

For corporate businesses, designing flyers and business cards only requires their logo and contact information on paper. A vehicle’s surface is not flat, though, and you must consider the vehicle’s angles and curves when picking your design. Ignoring these factors will affect the design you select and make your message difficult to understand.

Select the correct material

High-quality vinyl is the perfect material for clients looking for quality and durability. There are different types of vinyl. Calendared and cast types are the options most typically used. Cast film is suitable for full wraps as it conforms to the curves smoothly.

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, calendared vinyl is your solution. It is only suitable, however, for flat surfaces and uncomplicated curves and is hence ideal for partial wraps.

Look for a good vehicle wrap facility

Even with the perfect choice of design and material, incorrectly installing wraps will give you a poor outcome. Dust particles will rip your vinyl after installation and affect its overall look. Extreme temperatures will also cause the vinyl to shrink or stretch.

Maintaining your vinyl is crucial in keeping it in excellent condition. You can clean it with a gentle detergent weekly and dry it using a microfiber cloth. Monthly cleaning and polishing by a professional are also essential to ensure your wrap’s durability.

Explore Baguio City with This Perfect Itinerary

Friends ready to explore Baguio CityBaguio City is one of the Philippines’ top travel destinations. It’s the go-to place to experience the cool mountain weather, to see art attractions, and to have your much-needed rest and relaxation.

In October 2017, the city was recognized by UNESCO as one of the creative cities in the world for its crafts and folk art. Baguio is also home to the Panagbenga Festival, a month-long flower festival held every February. A colorful parade with costumes and music give life to the streets, drawing locals from different regions and tourists alike to partake in the festivities.

If you’re planning to spend a day or two in Baguio, here’s a suggested itinerary to make your trip worth remembering:

Day One

Check into a boutique hotel in Baguio City where you can have breakfast and relax to prepare yourself for the day’s activities. Afterward, head to the BenCab Museum where you can witness the art of National Visual Artist Benedicto Cabrera and artifacts from the Cordillera Region.

If you want more, visit the Ili-Likha Artist Village, an art-and-food venue conceptualized by renowned Filipino artist and filmmaker Kidlat Tahimik. You can find art pieces intermingling with recycled elements in this tree house establishment, plus organic dishes to satisfy your appetite. In the afternoon, visit Baguio’s famous parks like Burnham Park and Mines View Park for scenic views and fresh air.

Day Two

Start your morning at the Baguio City Public Market where you can find fresh vegetables and coffee beans from the highlands like Kalinga and Sagada. Next up is Camp John Hay where you can have a picnic or lunch at a local restaurant. In the afternoon, take a 20-minute side trip to the famous Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad where you can pick your own strawberries to bring home. To end the day, head to Session Road, the city’s commercial center, for a nightcap.

There are many other things to do in Baguio, but if your time is limited, then everything in this itinerary will do.