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Catering food service

Four Basic Catering Equipment That Can Ensure Your Success

Catering food service

So you have finally decided to pursue your passion for cooking. While it sounds like a great idea, you will soon realise just how much effort you need to put into it to ensure that your catering business will be a success. On top of the pieces of equipment you need to invest in, you also need to consider the maintenance and repairs of your catering equipment.

Before you dive into the unknown, here are some of the things that you will likely need as soon as you start your business.

1. Basic Kitchen Tools

Before you even begin to canvass a few larger pieces of equipment, you first need to learn and understand the necessary tools in catering. For example, depending on the kind of dishes that you will be cooking, you need variations of knives to prepare each meal.

Also, you need to have a complete selection of other utensils within your reach. It is best to prepare all the knives, roasting pans and other pieces of equipment that you might need for cooking.

2. Table Settings

If you are planning to start from the basics, you will need to have bread, salad and dinner plates for a full-course meal. But if you are serving other dishes such as soup, then it is best to prepare a few soup bowls as well. You should also prepare a few wine glasses.

Also, it is an eyesore if you will place everything on a bare table. So do not forget to decorate it with beautiful tablecloths, napkins and centrepieces to complete the look. Meanwhile, do not forget to include a few basic condiments such as salt and pepper and place them in beautiful containers.

3. Buffet Equipment

Buffet catering equipments

You will need to have the same serving equipment if you are serving a buffet. However, you need to have decent extra pairs of hands to accommodate the long line of the hungry crowd. Moreover, a buffet setting has higher chances of things accidentally breaking, which can affect your revenue.

That is why you need to be smart enough when handling your buffet equipment. Prepare the tongs and large spoons for serving a few of your meals. Meanwhile, get a cutting board ready for meats that require cutting, like turkey, roast beef or lamb.

4. Beverage Station

Another must-have in most catering services is the coffee or beverage station. Depending on what you are serving, you need to prepare a few dozens of cups or glasses near the beverage station. You can also place a few selections of teas and cocoa to give them options. To keep everything in order, set up a wastebasket near your guests or toss the little trash immediately to make the cleanup a lot easier.

Running a catering business is not a walk in the park. You need to be prepared for everything that might happen, including a few unexpected repairs now and then. You should always find a supplier who can help you source new catering equipment at an affordable rate.


Primary Elements of an Adjustable Rate Mortgage

Man showing the house keyDuring your home buying journey, you will come across several types of home loans. Most people base their choice of a mortgage on what has worked for their friends and families in the past.

Mortgages are highly personalized loans and what works for one person might not work for another irrespective of the similarity in your finances and lifestyles. The two primary home loan categories available are adjustable or variable and fixed-rate mortgages.

The mortgage rates advanced by Guildford’s many lenders for an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) alter over a loan’s lifetime depending on market conditions. There is a fixed rate period initially which can be one, three or five years after which the rate changes.

The initial rate your lender will charge is generally lower than that advanced for a fixed rate mortgage, and most people base their choice of an ARM on this. You should however asses all the elements of an ARM in totality to make a clear decision on whether or not this option will work for you.

The following are the primary elements of an ARM which should influence your choice.


ARMs are tied to a particular index. This index will determine the behavior of your loan’s interest rate after the initial fixed rate period has expired. There are three indices generally used for ARMs including London Inter Bank Offering Rate (LIBOR), the prime rate, and the one-year Treasury rate.

The LIBOR is the most commonly used index since it allows the selling of mortgages on an international market. The prime rate index is generally used for HELOCs which allow you to draw on your home’s equity after some time.


Person giving bundles of cashYour lender will add particular percentage points to your loan’s index to determine your margin. This is the lender’s cost of business operations and their profits.

This margin is determined by a lender but generally range from 2–3.5% and is defined in your loan’s terms. It remains constant throughout your mortgage’s lifetime.

Cap or Limit

A cap is placed on how high an interest your lender can charge on your loan. This is an industry regulation to minimize the risk of a lender abusing an ARM by charging exorbitant rates.

The lifetime ARM cap, for instance, can be specified in your terms as a percentage of your overall indexed rate or as a stated number. Either way, you can plan your repayments around the cap rate since this is the highest interest rate which your lender can charge over your loan’s term.

Frequency of Adjustment

Your rate can be adjusted annually, bi-annually or after every two, three, five or seven years in an ARM. In general, your fixed period rates will be lower if you opt for a short adjustment period and vice versa. This is because your lender is cushioned from long-term losses in low rates from the frequent rate adjustment.

Some people shun ARMs because of the misinformation in various circles. If however you pay attention to and pick the best terms for the elements mentioned here, an ARM repayment will be hassle-free.

You will also take advantage of low repayments over certain periods and benefit from the flexibility and zero prepayment penalty an ARM offers.

Why Choose Refurbished Cubicles for New Businesses

Employees relaxing

Small and new businesses are always looking for ways to cut costs, especially if they are still in the startup phase. One of the ways they can effectively save on capital is by choosing refurbished or used office furniture to install in the new office. This is a practice that even large companies do for their economic and ecological advantages. In Salt Lake City, Utah, physical offices can be set up with used office cubicles and other stylish dividers.

Refurbished cubicles have no visible differences compared to brand-new fabricated ones. Of course, new ones will cost more and take a few days to make. With refurbished ones, office staff can enjoy the functionality and professional look of a workstation using pre-owned components that are effectively reinforced and renovated according to the current office layout. However, if your company can afford to invest in brand-new office decor and equipment, you can get new cubicles so that you can customize the color, height, and even thickness of the dividers.

Why Do You Need Cubicles in the Office?

Depending on the nature of their work and their own personality, employees prefer different types of work environments. Installing cubicles in the office helps employees focus better on their work. The cubicle offers a comfortable and private working environment. This also lessens the probability of office gossip and getting distracted with what others are doing at their own desks. Some jobs require a high degree of concentration, so it is best to provide these individuals with some privacy in their workstations.

The Cheaper and More Flexible Alternative

Business situation

Refurbished cubicles look like almost new workstations, and they can be purchased from office furniture suppliers in the community or from online shops. The best thing about this is that they cost just a fraction of brand-new ones. Small businesses can enjoy completely customizable cubicles for their start-up businesses with this cheaper alternative. There are various styles, sizes, and designs that business owners can choose from. Depending on the space and workstation for workers and managers, business owners can pick the colors and designs and have them fitted to the new office space.

Business owners also appreciate the flexibility offered of choosing refurbished cubicles and furnishings for their offices. Over time, the business will grow, and the possibility of hiring new people will be realized. Additional office staff means that there is a need to redesign or adjust the current layout. With the availability of used office furniture and refurbished cubicles, new and small companies can easily create appropriate and comfortable workstations for all their staff.

There are no questions about the quality and make of used pieces of furniture because they are usually made by known quality brands and top-quality materials. Aside from getting great quality products, you, as the business owner, will be happy to know that you have made a sustainable choice when furnishing the office space. This is also one of the best ways that businesses and companies can go green and save money without losing the aesthetic appeal and functionality of their office spaces.

Pliers with electrical cables and cable ties

Ways to Build a Good Relationship with Cable Suppliers

Pliers with electrical cables and cable tiesEstablishing a relationship with suppliers is key to the success of any enterprise. It is vital to build and maintain a healthy relationship with distributors and suppliers for unmatched success. For instance, your relationship with cable suppliers in Singapore is crucial and a significant contributor to your overall success.

Your project is unlikely to succeed without a cable supplier, and that may result in loss of a lot of profit. Of course, every business is out there to make a profit, and its chances of thriving are insignificant if it doesn’t have customers. As such, it might be crucial to keep your suppliers involved and strengthen your relationship with them to experience growth.

Maintain Open Communication

Of course, personal and open communication is necessary for any relationship with cable distributors. Cable distributors want assurance that their clients will allow them to voice their concerns. Likewise, entrepreneurs should keep them informed of any development or change in their relationship.

Participate in Meetings

One way to support cable suppliers is to attend their meetings. That will not only keep you informed about their operations but also show them how caring you are and keep you involved. Attending their meetings will also allow you to take an active role in their inner workings and give you the chance to raise your opinion.

technician installing cables

Attend their Events

One way to establish a healthy relationship with your suppliers is to attend their sponsored events. Events are an excellent networking opportunity that you can use to show your support for the business of your distributors. Besides strengthening your relationship with cable suppliers, use these events to meet other business people and build a relationship with them.

Meet Suppliers Face to Face

It is vital to sometimes meet with your cable distributors in person. Although email and calls are reliable and efficient communication avenues, you shouldn’t rely on them solely. Instead, schedule time to meet your cable suppliers in person. Use that as an opportunity to discuss things that are not possible over the phone or via email.

Consider Your Cultural Differences

It makes sense to work with distributors from any part of the world in today’s increasingly globalised market. However, you might need to research beforehand to find what to expect when you’re working with a supplier from a different cultural background. Over time, working with global suppliers have become a standard practice in today’s globalised world. However, entrepreneurs have to take time to solidify their relationship and build rapport with their cable suppliers. For example, an entrepreneur might have to build a personal relationship before working with a Chinese cable supplier.

A healthy relationship with cable distributors comes with a lot of benefits and taking time to know each other can make everyone live an enjoyable life. It is easy to solve any conflict and navigate disagreements with a healthy relationship with your cable distributors. It also gives you negotiation power, and as the relationship grows, you can strike a better deal. As such, it is in your best interest to strengthen your relationship with cable suppliers and capitalise on it to find other lucrative contracts.

Salad Dish

Must-Do’s When Putting Up a Salad Restaurant

Salad Restaurant

Want to open a salad restaurant? That would be a good idea, considering that more people are becoming health-conscious these days. You may opt to put up your own place or go for a food franchise — either way, your business has a great potential to be a hit.

What are the things that you should consider when putting up a salad restaurant, or really, any health food franchise?

Know Your Market

As you know, not all people like salads. And not all salad lovers may want to consume what you offer. For this, you need to be in the know of specific products that cater to the needs of specific consumers. Want to make salads to be sold in food trucks? How about those that are perfect for customers on weight loss programs?

Keep Up With Your Competition

The competition is tough in almost every industry. For this, it is important to check your competitors and make sure to keep up with them. Do your research and make a list of important comparisons; for instance, why your products are better than theirs or why some of their products are doing great in the market.

Go for Menu Diversity


Sure, you need to have a theme. But it is likewise important to offer other types of food like wraps, sandwiches, and other dishes. By doing this, you draw the attention of more potential customers. One customer may come to your restaurants for salads, but his friends and family may enjoy other dishes that you offer.

Make Food Safety Your Top Priority

You may have the best marketing strategies, but none of them will be enough if you fail to maintain your food’s safety. As a responsible restaurant owner, make sure to educate yourself and your staff regarding food safety. Publish sanitation guidelines and always look for updated information on product safety concerns.

Choose the Right Location

Check your potential areas during day and night to know how many customers might enter your store on specific time and days. Doing so contributes a lot to attract prospective customers. Once you have chosen an area, check if it is eligible for preparing and serving food.

Choose the Best Supplier

Look for reputable fresh produce suppliers and pick the one whose products and services match your needs. You may also want to opt for multiple produce wholesalers, for doing so will help you prevent supply chain disruptions.

Buy the Right Service Pieces

Putting up a salad restaurant requires enough knowledge of various service pieces. Know the right ones for each type of salad and make sure to stock your restaurant with lots of them. This also applies to every service accessory that you plan to use.

There you have it — the things you should know and do when putting up a salad restaurant. You’ve got a lot of tasks to accomplish, so you better start making your list and getting things done. With enough knowledge and the right people to help you, your business will surely succeed.

Different flavors of ice cream

4 Ways to Help You Run a Successful Ice Cream Store

Different flavors of ice cream

Running a business demands hard work and perseverance. You need to ensure that you will stand out among the rest of your competitors in every aspect. While there is no secret formula for achieving success, there are specific qualities that can help you meet it. Hence, before you head on and build an ice cream franchise business, here are a few tips to help you run your business and ensure its success:

Create unique artisan ice cream

People are becoming adventurous when it comes to food that they are now looking for a one-of-a-kind ice cream flavor. Artisan ice cream is becoming a hit to most diners because of its decadent appeal. Creating artisan ice cream is often visible with independently-run ice cream stores. However, you can create your flavor by using your creative juices to surprise your customers with a new experience.

Mix taste with science

One of the most common innovations nowadays is using science to create a new pallet experience. QSR Magazine says that restaurants are now utilizing nitrogen as part of their ice cream presentation. What most companies usually do these days is letting diners see how they create ice cream from scratch until they serve it. Not only is it a great educational experience for kids, but it also gives them an idea of how science helps create their most favorite dessert.

Choose the right location

We can’t deny the power that a location holds in every business. Bear in mind that diners see ice cream as more than a treat, but a purchase that they do on impulse. That’s why finding the right location is a necessity to ensure its success. You need to choose an area that has high foot traffic to ensure that more customers will be able to see your products.

On the other hand, if your store location doesn’t have enough foot traffic, you need to create brilliant ideas that will lead customers to your door. One way of doing so is through flyers and social media.

Get the right connection

Business meeting

Most experts believe that businesses should think outside the box when trying to win new customers. Having the right connection within the community is a great way to get your name out into the market. You can try working with a few charity works or even a few community outreach programs to help reinforce your brand to your target market. Bear in mind that ice cream is an affordable luxury. Use these reasons to your advantage and try transforming regular streets into a buzzing local center. If you’re unsure about it, you can connect with the provincial departments of commerce and with your neighborhood’s charities to get ideas.

No one becomes successful at any business without putting effort. That is why it is always best to read books to help you run your ice cream parlor and see if you can get any ideas from it. Ice cream is a sellable product that almost everyone cannot resist. Capitalize on it and use it to create marketing strategies that will help increase your revenue.

Businessmen handshake

Easiest Franchises If You Want a Low-Maintenance Business

Businessmen handshake

Starting a business is often intimidating with the big capital requirement, the pressures of building a brand, and managing it at the same time. This makes franchising the perfect entry-point for entrepreneurs. If you want low-cost and low-maintenance franchise ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

Own a laundry shop

One of the easiest businesses to operate is a laundromat. Simply make sure that there’s power, all the pieces of equipment are working, there are laundry supplies like soap, and you’re good to go. Since your equipment is self-service, you don’t really need full-time staff to constantly assist the customers. One staff to man the cashier and assist the customers from time to time is usually enough. Plus, people regularly need clean clothes, so there’s a strong potential to get repeat customers. Just make sure that your customer service is stellar.

You should also think of ways to stand out from your competitors. Maybe you can offer babysitting services while parents do the laundry? Or maybe you can add an automatic folding machine to make their lives even easier. Think out of the box ideas of how to further help your target market.

Offer cleaning services

Maybe you’re in an area where there are a lot of working moms or two-working-parent households. These families often lack time to clean their homes, making cleaning services their only option. The thing about cleaning service companies is that you have to earn their trust first before they let you into their homes. That’s why buying a franchise from a well-established brand that people already know is easier than starting your own.

A big trend in this industry is the demand for eco-friendly cleaning supplies. Homeowners are now becoming more concerned with the environment and the effects of chemical cleaners on the health of their children, so make sure to take this into consideration. You can do the cleaning yourself while you’re still starting and gradually bring more people into your team.

Buy a hot dog franchise

Hot dogs

Theme parks, malls, parks—they all have one thing in common. Hot dog stands are a mainstay in any fun-filled places where kids are supposed to go to enjoy. A hot dog franchise is very simple to operate. You just have to make sure that there is fresh hot dog supply every day and that there are enough oil and gas. It’s not that hard to make, either. You literally just have to cook some hot dogs to earn money!

What’s great about hot dog franchise opportunities is that they’re pretty easy to operate. You won’t have to be physically there to earn. You can hire full-time staff to man your stall. One or two is enough depending on how big it is.

These three franchise options present you an amazing opportunity to own and run a business the easiest way possible. Research the market and industry first. Once you’ve decided on the business you want, it’s time to look for a franchise. Make sure to find one that gives adequate support to franchisees to help them run their new business and earn a profit.

judge and lawyer in court

Why You Should Become a Bail Bondsman

judge and lawyer in courtIf you look at LinkedIn’s report about the most in-demand jobs in 2018, you will notice that most of it are related to software development both on PC and mobile. Other in-demand jobs that are not programming-related include statistical analytics, digital marketing, and electronic engineering.

But considering the requirements these jobs have, it seems that knowing how to become a bail bondsman is a better option for the following reasons:

You don’t have to go through rigorous education

What do engineering, digital marketing, statistical analysis have in common? An educational background that specializes in these fields. Sure, anyone can be a digital marketer these days, but you still need to be knowledgeable of certain subjects, such as content writing and sometimes, graphic designing.

Becoming a bail bondsman requires none of that. In fact, you don’t need to have a bachelor’s degree to be one. A high school diploma or anything equivalent is enough for you to be qualified. Provided, of course, that you have a clean record and pass the licensure examination.

You get plenty of time

If you’re a programmer or a software engineer, you’ll be spending a lot of time in front of your computer doing plenty of coding tasks. When you’re a bail bondsman, you have plenty of free time. You get to set your own schedule—choosing the number of hours you work per day and the number of days per week. If you have a full-time job, being a bail bondsman is a career you can do part-time, without leaving you sleepless.

You don’t have to worry about your paycheck

money and gavelYes, programmers rake in a lot of money annually, but oftentimes, their paycheck is fixed.

It’s not the case with being a bondsman. Because you can work as much as you like, you have great income potential. According to experts, a bail bond agent can earn as much as $90,000 annually. Not bad for a flexible work schedule, right?

You don’t have to worry about recession

Aside from getting a handsome paycheck, you also don’t need to worry when the economy tanks. In fact, bail bond agents are in greater demand during a recession because people don’t have the financial means to pay the bail. Programming career, however, may be jeopardized when the economy is weak as software development may stall.

You can be your own boss

Being a bail bond agent also gives you the freedom to start your own agency as long as you have enough experience and funds. Going solo as a programmer, however, is no picnic because first of all, designing applications may require more than one person. There are at least the programmer and the tester.

If you are looking for a high-paying job with lots of free time, become a bail bondsman. It offers several benefits that even the most in-demand job now won’t be able to provide. Should you decide to be one, be sure to train with agencies with a proven track record of success in producing competitive and skilled bail bondsmen.

Gavel and money for bail

The Important Benefits of Hiring a Bail Bondsman

Gavel and money for bail

Facing the possibility of staying in jail for a long time without the benefits of defending yourself is a scary situation. Not only because you believe in yourself that you are not guilty, but often, people who are unable to seek proper assistance usually ends up inside a prison facility while hearing their cases, which could take months.

The good thing is you can get a trusted bail bondsman here in Gastonia, NC. For a lot of good reasons, employing the assistance of someone who knows the ins and outs of legal domain can make your miseries somehow manageable. Here are the reasons you should seek the help of a bail bondsman when you are facing legal issues.

Face Faster Release

Not many people have experience dealing with legal terms and technicalities. And surely, no one wants to experience jail time. Now if you have little to no idea how the justice system works while you are outside, it is definitely much harder to deal with this situation from inside a prison cell.

But you know what? All you need to know is a trusted person who can help you out of jail in no time. Why do jail time when you can start working on your case from the outside? Surely, an experienced bail bonds agent knows how to build lots of connections in the legal system through the years of work. These connections can actually help speed up the process of your release.

Get the Best Legal Team

And speaking of having many connections within the legal system, surely, he or she knows the best legal team to hire for a particular case. So the minute you step out of jail, you can start working on preparing for your case with a winning team by your side.

Prevent Losing Your Career

Man feeling anxious

Facing legal situations only lead to critical events like losing your career, your job, or your clients in the process. For obvious reasons, staying behind bars prevents you from going to the office, which could result in you getting dismisses from work. Or you may not be able to attend your valuable clients’ needs and complete the tasks at hand, which could ruin your career or business.

A trusted bail bondsman works fast and discreetly, keeping you out of jail without your office or clients even noticing you were gone. In short, seeking the assistance of a bail bonds agent effectively keeps your career.

Protect Your Privacy

In some instances, people who can pay for their own bail could get a red flag. Your bank account could get scrutinized for having such amount of money, and you may be asked to provide proof as to where the money came from.

Ultimately, you may be asked to produce bank and other financial statements to prove the legality of your account—too much paperwork for an already headachy situation. Hiring a trusted bail bondsman helps protect you from such privacy invasion.

You do not need to be alone in facing this difficult situation. A bail bonds agent can help protect your rights and even help find the best legal team to defend you. But more importantly, they can help release you from jail in no time.

Jeweler holding a ring

Are You Ready to Start a Home-Based Jewelry Cleaning Business?

Jeweler holding a ring

Owning or running a small business is a dream for many people. However, it can be a challenge to come up with a unique idea for a business, considering that there’s intense competition in services and products on the market today. Coming up with enough capital to cover expenses for business space, employees, materials, and so on is another obstacle. If you are a first-time entrepreneur who is looking for small franchise opportunities, you may want to consider getting into the jewelry cleaning niche.

Why You Should Start a Home-Based Jewelry Cleaning Business

Venturing into a jewelry cleaning business will give you the opportunity to be truly creative. Individuals who love to see jewelry in good condition can start a jewelry cleaning business at home. This may be considered risky by those who are currently employed; however, by taking a courageous leap from the corporate world, you can start living out your dream of owning a business and doing what you love the most. Having the opportunity to look after your loved ones is an extra bonus. This is the perfect arrangement for parents with kids or people who want to spend more time with their family.

What You Should Expect on a Home-Based Jewelry Cleaning Business

As with any startup business, expect long hours and non-stop work when the peak season for orders arrives. Working at home can be challenging because of the hard work and commitment that your business requires. Your family must understand that the survival of the business depends on how much work you put into it. Nonetheless, assure them that this is just a temporary arrangement. Once the dust settles, you’ll have more freedom and time as a business owner.

How You Can Start Your Home-Based Jewelry Cleaning Business

Before getting down to the nitty gritty of jewelry cleaning, set up a small office or studio at home first. Let your kids know that this is your private work area. When you’re there, you should not be interrupted. This will create boundaries and help you do your work efficiently. Your workplace can be part of the house – a renovated room, an open space at your garage, or any small area that can hold everything that is related to your jewelry cleaning business. Once your work for the day is finished, leave your workplace and don’t bring your jewelry cleaning supplies to other areas of the house.

Why You Should Get into Franchising

Business meeting

You should take advantage of franchise opportunities rather than set up a shop on your own. A franchise usually covers the products, business model, staff training, research, development, business location options, and more. It also covers advertising and marketing to help new business owners transition smoothly into their business.

The main advantage of having a franchise is that it already has a good reputation in the industry. In addition, customers naturally follow a brand that they recognize and trust.

Franchising is a good way for jewelry fans and hobbyists to be in an industry that they love. Cleaning high-class jewelry and eye-catching accessories can be fun for people who have a genuine interest in them. They can start with an online shop or website and run the operations from home or set up an actual brick and mortar store. Either way, they still get to see beautiful pieces of jewelry.